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The hate against The Bella Twins is fucking ridiculous.

"They’re sleeping their way to the top" Are you fucking kidding me? When was the last time they were the champion? If they were sleeping their way to the top, surely by now they would be holding the divas title and dominating the divas division.

"They can’t wrestle" Right, not only is your misogynist ass rude, it’s also blind, have you not seen the fucking improvement of these two women, they’ve stepped up their game and have been kicking ass for fucking months.

"Their better than you attitude"  What the actual fuck, it’s called being a heel, and from what I’ve heard, outside the ring, they’re apparently really kind and considerate to the fans.

I’ve actually seen a comment from someone saying they hate Nikki because she’s more interested in being a realtor, God forbid someone has a back up plan in their life

I’m gonna end it here because I feel like I could go on for fucking ever. The hate that they get is fucking unneeded and the reasons for hating them are some of the most dumb-ass things I’ve ever seen in my life. When will these women get the respect they deserve?

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